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There's a lot to love about Loudoun, and we've rounded up some local personalities to share their favorite experiences showcasing what #LoveLoudoun really means to them.

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#LoveLoudoun - Ross
Jeremy Ross #LoveLoudoun
Angela Nunez horse yoga pose

Angela Nunez, Horse Yoga Girl

"Middleburg is an amazing little town with shops selling local food and artisanal products. I’m an equestrian and the landscape in Loudoun is just right for horse conditioning—and of course it’s beautiful. I’ve been a horse person my entire life and started practicing yoga about 10 years ago. I now practice both together, a natural fit for my two passions."

Roche from DC101 trying a Loudoun brewery beer

Roche on Air from DC101

"I’m trying to have at least a beer or two from all the breweries on the LoCo Ale Trail, which is a big project. I was at Dirt Farm Brewing not too long ago and the view looking over the valley was literally breathtaking. All the breweries in Loudoun want to be known as the best in LoCo, but they also have an amazing camaraderie. That’s one of the awesome things about Loudoun County."

Chef Rich Rosendale of Roots 657

Chef Rich Rosendale, Roots 657

"I really loved the area when I first visited. From a food standpoint, I really liked that there were a lot of great resources here—a lot of artisans who are passionate about making beer and wine and local farmers, so it really had an ideal blend of all the things I was looking for when opening Roots 657. Loudoun County is beautiful. It’s a destination you can plan a trip around and there’s enough here to have a nice family vacation."

Puppy Winslow and a beer


"I love all the beer-making places in Loudoun that allow me on the patio. Everyone is so cheerful, some of them make dog cookies out of their beer-making stuff, some have fires when it gets chilly out and they all put fresh water bowls out (I’m not old enough to drink beer yet)."

Phyllis J. Randall of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors

Chair Phyllis J. Randall, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors

"Whether catching a movie at One Loudoun, spending an afternoon shopping in Leesburg, or enjoying the beautiful views from the wineries and breweries, there’s so much to love about Loudoun. With developing urban communities, rural farms and businesses, there’s a lot to explore in Loudoun."

Eileen Whelan of Good Morning WA overlooking a vineyard

Eileen Whelan, Good Morning Washington

"I take a wine tour in Loudoun with a group of friends every year. On our latest trip we visited Bluemont Vineyards and Creek’s Edge Winery. Many of the wineries overlook beautiful landscapes and offer the perfect vantage point for watching fronts come through—which as a meteorologist, is pretty neat to see. The scenery is probably one of the things I love most about Loudoun, in addition to enjoying the wine!"