Village of Waterford

Known For:

Waterford’s idyllic setting guarantees charm at every turn and is packed with impressive preservation of historic architecture. The village’s homes, places of business and the rolling fields that surround them today look much as they did in the 19th century. 

Nearby Local Favorites:

Waterford Craft School, Phillips Farm Trail, The Waterford Winery Cluster

Hidden Gems:

Stop by the Waterford Foundation to get a copy of the “Walk with Us” self-guided tour and check out the “Arch House row,” a collection of charming architecture built circa 1810. Or, send a postcard from Waterford’s post office – the oldest Virginia post office in continuous operation at the same site.

Newest Attraction:

Waterford Corner Store's Studio

Historic Fun Fact:

In 1970, the Secretary of the Interior determined that the Waterford Historic District possessed national significance and designated it a National Historic Landmark. It is the highest designation of historic importance possible in the U.S., and places it on par with Mt. Vernon and Monticello—a rare honor.

Like a local:

Since 1944, the Waterford Fair has been offering visitors a step back into the past. Plan to visit the first weekend of October to get a behind-the-curtain view of historic houses, watch artisans demonstrate traditional craftsmanship, stroll through the village and find music, crafts, paintings, dried flowers, baked goods and more.