Town of Leesburg

Known For:  

Historic buildings converted into amazing restaurants, breweries and boutiques as well as the Marshall House, the home and gardens of George C. Marshall. 

Local Favorites: 

Lightfoot Restaurant, South Street Under, Loudoun Brewing Company, the Village at Leesburg, and Lou Lou’s Boutique

Hidden Gems: 

Experience the Secret Garden at Shoe’s Cup and Cork or enjoy a cocktail on the rooftop overlooking downtown at Cocina on Market.

Newest Attractions:

Tarbender’s Lounge and Dolce & Ciabatta Bakery

Historic Fun Fact:  

Leesburg was home to General George C. Marshall and it was here that he wrote the Marshall Plan which advocated a significant US economic and political commitment to post-war European recovery. In recognition of this work, he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1953.

Call it Like a Local: 

Did you know that Tuscarora Mill Restaurant is called “Tuskies” by the locals?