Loudoun County, VA is just 25 miles from DC but this month, Loudoun County finds a way to stay connected to the most influential Inauguration in History. Since its founding in 1757, Loudoun County has experienced first-hand many significant political events and connections. From George Washington traveling along a historic Loudoun road to witnessing the battlefield death of a sitting U.S. Senator, to significant events today, including a rally in October of 2008 by then Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama, Loudoun has witnessed pivotal political and presidential history.

Loudoun County has put together a Political and Historical look into the area with a Historical Tour/Itinerary that takes its visitors on a tour of some of the most significant historical sites in America, all located in Loudoun County. Those who are lucky enough to have a ticket to any of the Inauguration Events are encouraged to take the time while in the area to continue their mark in history and take this tour through Loudoun County. The link below features a close look into each site within the tour, a map of each stop and a few extras including historical site descriptions and interactive video.