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Sport Facilities

What are two of the most difficult obstacles to overcome when planning a sports tournament? Facilities and location. Oftentimes, the cities with proper facilities are the most difficult to get to! And when you finally find a place that has everything your tournament needs, it’s in the middle of nowhere! Well, we wouldn’t highlight this problem if we didn’t have a solution for you. If you’re planning a sports tournament, then you can bank on Loudoun County, Virginia having the facilities you need in a location that is convenient for all, as well as having an overflow of entertainment and activity options for the whole family.

Located less than an hour from Washington, DC, Loudoun County, Virginia is the third largest county in the Commonwealth and home to Dulles International Airport. Far enough north to be cold for winter sports, yet far enough south to get the summer heat for outdoor tournaments, Loudoun County is an ideal location for any type of sports tournament in the nation. Nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the shores of the Potomac River, it guarantees you will not only get a great venue, but one with some spectacular views as well!

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