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What is the Loudoun County  Tourism Ambassador Program? 

The Loudoun County Tourism Ambassador Program is a multi-faceted program that serves to increase tourism by inspiring front-line employees and volunteers to turn every visitor encounter into a positive experience. When visitors have a positive experience, they are more likely to return in the future and also share their experience with others. Everyone benefits – the visitor, the industry, the local economy, the hospitality professional and the community as a whole.

  By becoming a Certified Tourism Ambassador™ you’ll have the tools and knowledge necessary to create a more memorable visitor experience and you’ll reap the benefits. Being a CTA is a great achievement!

How do I become a CTA?

Simply follow the link below and register online for a local CTA certification course!   Remember to review the curriculum and be prepared to complete the required reading. Anticipate four to six hours of reading, followed by a three to four hour class, which includes an open book certification test.

To register for a CTA class, go to CTANetwork.com

Program Curriculum

Module 1: The Power of Tourism
Module 2: Discovering Loudoun
Module 3: Knowing, Finding, Using Resources
Module 4: Exceeding Customer Expectations

Program Requirements

Every certification program requires successful completion of a core curriculum.  The requirements to earn the CTA designation are to complete required reading, attend a half-day training session, complete learning assignments and take an open book examination.  Upon successful completion, participants will earn the Certified Tourism Ambassador™ designation and receive a CTA certificate and lapel pin. 

There is a one-time non-refundable, non-transferable application fee of $45 per person.  An annual renewal process and fee of $25 are also necessary to maintain your certification. 

Upcoming Class Schedule 


May 21, 2024      1:00 - 5:00 PM  PUBLIC Training at Walsh Family Wine

June 28, 2024      1:00 - 5:00 PM  PUBLIC Training at 8 Chains North Winery

For Employers

Tourism is big business not only to large cities, but also to small communities in the United States and around the world. Visitors spend money attending to business, tourism attractions, or learning about the history of the area. This infusion of “new money” into the local economy often holds local tax increases at bay and gives Loudoun extra money to enhance its infrastructure-making the destination more appealing over time. As a result, destinations spend lots of money courting business and leisure travelers.

But in reality, no amount of money will make up for the visitor having a bad experience, which negatively impacts Loudoun’s brand and overall image as a destination.

The Loudoun County Tour Ambassador program teaches front-line employees and volunteers best practices and ensures that they understand their role in increasing tourism. It helps your front-line employees increase their knowledge of the region and provides answers to the variety of questions received from visitors; and gives your front-line a chance to meet one another, learn from each other’s experiences and celebrate together! 

For Employees and Volunteers

What separates the Loudoun County Tourism Ambassador Program from other training programs is that it’s a certification, not just training. Employees and volunteers who complete the program receive a credential and accompanying initials that can be used behind the person’s name to denote their commitment to their profession as a Certified Tourism Ambassador ™ 

CTA Networking Events

One of the benefits of the program is networking with your fellow CTAs.   Our past events have been at Crooked Run FermentationLost Barrel Brewery, Axes and O's, Magnolia's at the MillThe Branch, The  Zone, and the Tarara Summer Concert Series.



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