You know when you spy the ultimate red-orange-yellow ombre leaf and you reflexively whip your phone out for that “It’s fall, y’all!” moment on your Instagram? Ever experienced a feed full of rainbows as soon as that multicolored magic strikes the sky or an avalanche of snow pics after the first dusting? There’s something irresistibly photogenic about the outdoors and, luckily, Loudoun is laden with these all-natural photo ops.

Charge your phone, pop in a new roll of film and head to Loudoun for all the photo-tourism content you’ve been craving. With its bright colors and bucolic aesthetic, you can basically let the Loudoun landscape do the work for you. So, venture outside in the crisp weather to find environmental inspiration and snap some sharp shots. New trends seem to fade in and out on Instagram, but nature photos are always in season! 

Below, you’ll find some of our most captivating landscapes, where we can’t help but click away: rugged hikes, darling farms, stunning vineyards and breweries and more! Loudoun’s full of phenomenal landscapes — just take your {pic} 😉


Time-Treasured Gems

A picture’s worth a thousand words. If these walls could talk, they’d have a whole lot to say! Explore the gardens and lawns of two gorgeous historic properties, Morven Park and Oatlands. You’ll find beautiful flora and sprawling landscapes, complemented by the gorgeous architecture, of course!



Nature is All Around

To achieve background goals, take a hike to any of Loudoun’s gorgeous parks! Tune into your natural habitat at Algonkian Regional Park and Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve. Grab your camera and go wild with the wildlife at Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park and Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park. As for a picture of the view from Bear’s Den Overlook or Loudoun Heights — haters will say it’s photoshop 😜 



In Resort Style

The groomed grounds at Goodstone Inn & Restaurant, Salamander Resort & Spa and Lansdowne Resort & Spa provide spectacular settings for your next impromptu photo shoot. Whether you take the time to develop film images or go live in the moment on Instagram, we can guarantee you’ll get several comments asking, “Where is THAT?!”



From Cheersing 🍻 to Cheesin’ 📸😁 

Tap into the gorgeous scenery along the LoCo Ale Trail, especially at Dirt Farm Brewing, Harper’s Ferry Brewing, Bear Chase Brewing Company and Hillsborough Vineyard & Brewery! Hop into your favorite pose or opt for a candid moment — either way, the result will be {pitcher} perfect at any of these breweries. Pro-tip: make the most of your visit staying at nearby beautiful B&Bs like Hidden View Bed & Breakfast!



Find Your Vine → Find Your Angle

One of the best things about vineyards, from a pic perspective, is that they photograph well all year round. Whether they’re bursting with grapes in August or blooming in reds and oranges two months later, you’ll find natural beauty among the vines with every visit. Some of our favorite vineyards for photos (as well as vinos, of course!) are Willowcroft Farm Vineyards, Stone Tower Winery, Greenhill Winery & Vineyards and Bluemont Vineyard. After choosing which wines to taste, the only problem you’ll have left will be picking which of your 25 photos to post!



Loudoun's Colorful Chronicles

Lose yourself in Loudoun's vibrant murals, where each stroke tells a story of community and creativity, inviting you to capture the county's spirit in every frame. From Leesburg's whimsical alleys to Purcellville's bold facades, immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope of colors that paints Loudoun's urban canvas.