In the age of the corporate mega store, all small businesses require our support. In honor of National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day, which is celebrated every year on March 29, we pay tribute to some unique Loudoun businesses where mom – or pop – still hold court.


Bilstad’s Beignets

Everyone loves a good pastry so it’s no surprise the new Bilstad’s Beignets, conveniently next to savory, Turkish & Mediterranean restaurant Oxus7, is off to a great start. The husband and wife team of Scott and Jenny Bilstad own this beignet paradise and what started as a small pastry truck turned into a booming business with a unique pastry experience that brings in people from more than 90 miles away. Scott, who served in the navy as a trained chef, brings experience from traveling the world to the kitchen to create innovative recipes. When you stop by, be sure to try dippers with your pastry; from fruit and honey to apple butter flavors, the options are always changing.


Black Walnut Brewery

In Leesburg, along the Washington & Old Dominion Trail, is the family-operated Black Walnut Brewery. Husband and wife Molly and Patrick Wilt opened their Loudoun brewery in 2016. Patrick started out as a home brewer but had dreams for something more. Following a conversation with his wife, they decided to open a brewery and name it after the mesmerizing black walnut tree in their back yard. The brewery operates through the hands of not only Molly and Patrick, but their children as well. Over the years, Black Walnut Brewery has expanded tremendously, not just within the tasting room but also adding in a back deck to accommodate traditional outings such as weddings and showers. Molly said they are in the process of getting their restaurant license to serve food onsite – going from bite size snacks to full courses. Stop by this brewery while you’re on the LoCo Ale Trail – or just around the area - and crack open a can of the bestselling IPA “Yellow Lab.”


Teddy’s Pizza

There are many things about New York City that leave an impression on people, with one of those being the pizza scene. Teddy’s Pizza and Subs, located in Middleburg, traces back to Brooklyn where Teddy’s father owned a famous pizza place called Lenny’s. Lenny’s was known for its top-notch, Brooklyn-style pizza where household names such as Sylvester Stallone sat and enjoyed a big slice. Teddy is keeping the family tradition going with his own pizza shop. Teddy’s Pizza and Subs incorporates everything that made his father’s shop so legendary from a menu filled with specialty pizzas to the inviting customer experience. Next time you’re in Middleburg, be sure to stop by to taste what everyone is raving about. 


The Aldie Peddler

Located in the vintage Village of Aldie is the Aldie Peddler store where partners, Wally and Terry Cotton, sell a variety of antiques and furniture. The store opened in 1998 and has thrived almost solely on word-of-mouth recommendations from very satisfied customers. The Aldie Peddler focuses on poly lumber furniture carefully crafted by the Amish who use post-consumer plastic, producing a more durable material for longer lasting furniture. Stop through historic Aldie to shop around and ask about their established poly lumber products. 


Re-Love It

Someone loved it before, now it’s your turn to re-love it-that is the mission for Purcellville’s consignment shop, Re-Love It. Michael Oaks and Kim Patterson traveled to Loudoun in 2009 during the recession and were looking to downsize. They searched up and down the streets for a store that could take on the items they no longer had use for, but they fell short. Luckily, Michael wanted to start a business in this area and got inspired by the absence of consignment shops. With that, the husband and wife duo sought out multiple properties before opening the doors to their new store in 2019. Today, you can check out Re-Love It on W. Main Street in Purcellville and find everything from clothes and furniture to antiques and houseware.