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Pev's Paintball Park
PEV’s Paintball offers companies and groups of 15 participants or more a variety of paintball experiences customized to the age, fitness level, and the team building objectives of your group. Learn from local business executives with decades of team building experience while having a blast playing paintball!

Team building events are a boost to employee enthusiasm and positive morale. If they are planned and executed well, people feel good about themselves and about each other. Employees get to know each other better and have a common experience to talk about back at work.

Paintball is the ultimate team building experience. The games are fast, fun, competitive and can be played by people of any age and fitness level. In fact, it is this fast paced, high-tension feel that makes it such a great team building exercise. Nothing brings people together like a little pressure and competition, and paintball is excellent at creating these feelings in your group.

In order to win a game of paintball, your team must work together, communicate, and be willing to take risks, all great attributes to instill.

When making a private reservation you are not playing with the general public, you are playing by yourselves. You will have your own private staff instructor with you for your entire group time. Your group will rotate from playing field to playing field and play different variety of games.