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Loudoun Hunger Relief, Inc.
Loudoun Hunger Relief Food Sorting Experience - Work side by side with your team members to help feed those in need. Food sorting is a vital component of processing the results of food drives, and is a great team building activity.

• Group Size - 10 person minimum/20 person maximum
• One month advanced notice required
• Half day commitment
• $500 per team up to 20 people (or $25 per person with a $250 minimum)
• Requirements: must be at least 13 to work on-site at Loudoun Hunger Relief; most members of the team must be able to lift and carry 20 pounds; liability waivers must be signed by each individual participant

Experience includes background on hunger and poverty in our area from a Loudoun Hunger Relief coordinator, and all instructions for the task at hand as well as water for the group.