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Hiddencroft Vineyards
This charming winery was founded in May 2008 by, husband and wife, Clyde and Terry Housel. The couple, who came from long careers with the Federal Government, began planting their vineyard in 2001 and were grape-growers first. The Housel’s decided from the beginning they would focus on producing grapes, and then wines, of superior quality. Clyde, who is the winemaker and largely self-taught, is doing just that. Hiddencroft wines are approachable and readily drinkable. The red wines see plenty of barrel time…between 22 and 42 months. May 2017 marked Hiddencroft’s 10th vintage year and sampling red wines from their private cellar has told the owners their red wines have stood the test of time and taste better than ever. The white wines are complex and show the characteristics of the terroir…fruit, flowers and spice. Novelty wines of unusual flavors such as blueberry, cherry, apple, pomegranate and blackberry make appearances on the the tasting menu as well.

In 2011, the Housels expanded operations to the adjacent property. The tasting room, once housed in their production facility, is now a circa 1850’s farmhouse. Open year-round, the farmhouse has two tasting counters with a view of the backyard, Dutchman’s Creek and a period kitchen building. The upper floor of the farmhouse has seating in three rooms and seat about 25. A large deck seats 30 guests under colorful umbrellas, and has an open view of the vineyard. Behind the deck, a large patio and massive fire-pit provide additional seating in Spring & Summer and warm ambiance in cooler weather. Flower gardens surround the house and attract the eye with bright colors and a multitude of butterflies. The property is a certified butterfly habitat of colossal size.
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  • Business Hours: Regularly scheduled weekend wine tastings or weekdays by appointment.
  • Admission Fee/Tasting Fee: Tasting Fee $7/person.
  • Reservation Policy: roups of 9 or more must have a reservation. Tasting Fee $10/person
  • Group Admission/Tasting Fee: Groups of 9 or more must have a reservation. Tasting Fee $10/person.