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Ayrshire Farm
Historic Ayrshire is unique in the region as a working farm that has met the 21st Century with one foot firmly planted in the 19th. The Farm is a certified organic farm, specializing in rare and endangered breeds livestock and heirloom fruits and vegetables. It is a working manor farm, historically a place of efficiency, sufficiency, and serenity.

Ayrshire’s mission today is to bring livestock and crop production to both self-sufficiency and profitability. Additionally, there is a commitment to achieving these goals using Certified Humane®, organic, sustainable farming methods, preserving genetically viable herds of the various rare breeds, and contributing to seed pools for heirloom plants. The soil is being constantly amended with cover crops and compost from the three-acre compost facility. As a part of their training, the Ayrshire Shires help in the constant task of soil improvement, keeping the skills of horse-powered farming alive.

Among the rare breeds are Shire horses, Scottish Highland cattle, Ancient White Park cattle, Gloucestershire Old Spot hogs, and several breeds of free-range chickens, turkeys, and ducks. Pheasants and wild turkeys are raised for release into the farm woodlands, areas which are being replanted and managed so as to provide “wildlife corridors” among the various habitat areas. Native trees, plants and grasses are being re-introduced as woodland cover, hedgerows, and fodder crops.