When winter first begins to take hold, some deep instinct to retreat to a near state of hibernation rouses itself within most of us. With the cold temperatures creeping further down, it’s easy to want to stay indoors, buried under blankets on the couch, watching television.

But here in Virginia, the winters are relatively brief and mild!

We celebrate all of our seasons and in spite of its chilly reputation, winter should be no different. The air is crisp and clean. From the right perspective (say Bluemont Vineyard’s tasting room elevated at 951 feet), you can take in Loudoun’s scenic views for miles and miles! 

And while there’s no evident life in the vineyards, Loudoun’s wineries are far from a state of hibernation. Wines are aging, being blended, or getting prepared for bottling. The tasting rooms are open for business and offering a variety of ways to enjoy their wines - vertical tastings, food and wine pairings, weekend soup specials. But as we watch the final leaves drift down, making way for the snow to come — what sounds best to us is sipping a glass of red wine next to the fireplace.

Fortunately, there’s a winery for that!