Destination Restaurants

These restaurants were chosen for a reason. Eat at them.

The restaurants identified within this site as Destination Restaurants were nominated, juried by a Loudoun tourism industry panel, and judged on the following criteria:

Unique Experiences

The establishment offers a unique experience, either through the food, the service, the interior design, the setting or, ideally, all of the preceding.


The establishment makes an obvious commitment to ensure that the final product consistently meets exemplary standards. Responsible and appreciable cooking techniques are utilized to ensure that the culinary component of the dining experience is of a uniformly excellent quality.

Local Favorite

The establishment has distinguished itself as a local favorite and also as a place of "character" in Loudoun County. Awards and accolades from the public count in this category.

Locally Grown Products

Locally grown products play an integral part in the menu Loudoun Wine, Beer, and Spirits including The restaurant features wine, beer, and/or spirits from Loudoun producers.

Loudoun Beer, Wine, and Spirits

The restaurant features a Loudoun-inclusive beer, wine, and spirits menu.

Destination Restaurants