With being right in the middle of winter and with another six weeks to go until spring, it’s time to get creative with how to stay entertained for the remainder of the winter.

From pampering appointments to pounding the trails, why waste your days waiting for spring to have fun when there’s still so much to do? We’d actually argue that this season is one of the best times of year to make the most of Loudoun, as winter weeds out all those not brave enough to bundle up and venture out. Whether you spread these activities out over a weekend or don’t finish it ‘til April, we know you’ll have fun #winning winter. And if you start to feel S.A.D., just think: we’re getting more hours of sunlight every day! 🌞

Take a Hike

 Bucket List Pick: Bears Den Trail 
Why stay cooped up in the stuffy indoors when you can escape to a winter wonderland? Cure your cabin fever and break the ice on your winter bucket list adventure with a bracing step out into the natural world. We know “Hike more!” is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, so get out there and traverse the trails of Loudoun. At 1,350 feet, our bucket list pick of Bears Den Trail provides a panoramic view of the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Take in that striking winter landscape of unobstructed sublime views as you fill your lungs with brisk fresh air and soak up the vitamin D your skin’s craving. (Bonus: finish your hike with a nice craft brew from Bear Chase Brewery!)



Don’t Miss Out, Bliss Out! 

Bucket List Pick: Lansdowne’s Spa Minerale
Feeling a bit frosty from your hike? Sounds like a some steam room time and a cozy robe are in order… maybe even a pedicure after all that climbing! Melt the chill away with an indulgent appointment at one of Loudoun’s top tier spas. Detox from all that holiday stress and start 2020 with a winter of wellness, because you deserve a little pampering and relief from winter dryness. We recommend visiting the oasis of serenity that is Lansdowne Resort’s Spa Minérale. Experience the benefits of the spa’s signature Vinotherapy treatment, which uses revitalizing and renewing wine lees to brighten your skin, giving your body a healthy glow. 



Coffee Shop Crawl

Bucket List Pick: Cuppa Giddy Up
If you feel yourself slipping too far into the mellow spa vibes, re-energize with a coffee crawl! Your body may be telling you to take a long winter’s nap, so resist the urge and hop from shop to shop around Loudoun’s best coffee joints. The county’s practically dripping in coffee shops, so staying caffeinated in Loudoun is no tall order! We especially love Cuppa Giddy Up for its delicious drinks, genuine community feel and awesome location in the heart of adorable downtown Middleburg. But, to give you an extra shot at finding just the right roast, we’ve also g{rounded} up a lengthy list that’s sure to stir up joy within the hearts of caffeine addicts and decaf devotees alike. 


Loudoun on Ice! 

Bucket List Pick: ION International Training Center
We figure that once you’ve got that caffeine buzz going from your coffee crawl, you’ll be ready to take on another classic winter activity: ice skating! That’s right, it’s time to lace up those skates and hit the ice! (Wait, no, don’t literally hit the ice. That’s dangerous.) Whether you’re just getting your skate legs or double-axeling left and right, go at your own pace as you glide across the gloss. Check out our bucket list pick of ION International Training Center, which offers public skating on its two NHL size rinks! Whether you're a mighty duck or a Bambi-level skater, you're welcome out on the ice in Loudoun!  



Fireside Chats 

Bucket List Pick: Walsh Family Wine
The best way to recover from a good old skate sesh is to cozy up by the fireplace with a great glass of wine. When the temperatures in Loudoun drop to single digits and you’re wishing for bright, sunshine-y days, it’s time to open the flue and pop a bottle. Luckily, DC’s Wine Country has some pretty awesome fireplaces to help get you through these cold temperatures! The interior and exterior stone fireplaces at Walsh Family Wine are particularly cozy on cool evenings or on lazy winter days. Bring your best friends or your special someone to snuggle up next to the flames with a flight or a full glass 🍷