Tiramisu truffles. Caramel-dipped marscapone & fig gelato popsicle. Peach-cherry-blueberry pie.

Now that your mouth is officially watering, we think you’re ready to hear more about these and other sugary sensations found only in Loudoun County.

You know us as a wine and beer haven, but we’d also like to throw in the mixing bowl that we’re whipping up some of the best desserts in "the DMV."  With visions of Halloween treats dancing in everyone’s head (and an unhealthy assortment of food-centric holidays coming up), we thought we’d butter you up for the season of sweets with a Loudoun roundup of just desserts. We doughn’t want you to miss out on all the lovin’ comin’ out of Loudoun’s ovens!

Whether you prefer macaroons or macarons and whether you’re Team Chocolate Chip or Team Oatmeal Raisin, you'll want to rush out to Loudoun to experience our delightful desserts. Our bakers, chocolatiers and pastry chefs have cooked up a world of desserts so divine that the only “pain” you could possibly experience is pain au chocolat. 

From frozen treats to baked goods and from pop tarts to cake pops, Loudoun has sweets so insane you cannoli believe it when you sample them for yourself. You name it, we’ve dipped it in chocolate or covered it in sprinkles. With all these saccharine sensations tempting us, sometimes we can’t resist eating dessert first... and that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. 🤷‍

If you decide to make a weekend of touring the treats at these Loudoun dessert destinations, be sure to pack a toothbrush. 😁 Now, who’s ready to cake make this the best fudging Halloween ever?!

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