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Village of Waterford
Founded in 1733 by Quakers, the National Historic Landmark village of Waterford is as much a part of the landscape as the surrounding rolling fields. For years, village residents have diligently toiled to preserve not only the settlement's historic structures, but the surrounding open land. Today the charm of this small, historic settlement has drawn Pulitzer Prize-winning writers, government officials, well-known artists, and lovers of history seeking a quiet haven among old homes, narrow streets, and friendly neighbors. In 1944, the Waterford Foundation started a small fair to raise funds for the village's preservation. Today, the Waterford Homes Tour & Crafts Exhibit, or Waterford Fair, attracts thousands of visitors every October to enjoy views that haven't changed for hundreds of years, tours of private residences, the sale and demonstration of traditional and juried crafts, educational exhibits, military reenactments, and much more.