When visiting Loudoun County, there is a plethora of top-rated cuisine for you to sink your teeth into, but sometimes there is just nothing that hits the spot more than a fresh juicy burger! Whether you prefer a traditional burger [lettuce, tomato, mayo anyone?] or if one-of-a-kind concoctions are more your speed, you are sure to find your burger bliss in Loudoun. The only question left to answer is “how would you like that cooked?”

In preparation for National Cheeseburger Day on Sept. 18th, we have narrowed down three noteworthy burger places you should add to your must-visit list. Try them all and let us know what you think using #LoveLoudoun.

Market Burger Fries & Shakes

The secret is out! Market Burger Fries & Shakes was recently named by TripAdvisor to be the best burger joint in the entire state of Virginia! So, it is no surprise it made our highlights – tip hat and applause for the accolades! Located in downtown Purcellville, the old-fashioned charm of the restaurant is prevalent from the nostalgic décor, delicious offering of classic milkshakes and the bustling retro music. If you visit during a less busy time of day, you can even hear the chef singing along while grilling up the tasty eats! It’s sure to give you #allthefeels!

Farm fresh and local ingredients are of utmost importance at this establishment and not only for the meat! Market Burger also features artisan goat cheeses from Georges Mill Farm in Lovettsville. The chalkboard menu lists out where ingredients are sourced from for a true farm-to-table mentality that does not go unnoticed!

Pro-tip: Try the sweet potato fries with maple mustard – they come out more like thicker chips that once dipped in the sauce create a surprising twist of flavor that will leave you wanting more!


The name of this local favorite really does say it all because the burgers are guaranteed to melt in your mouth. So, when visiting, let the mouth-watering commence! With endless flavor combinations, it’s inevitable. Melt specializes in cook-to-order half pound patties paired with fresh sourdough buns that are somehow perfectly soft and toasty at the same time! Once the burgers are crafted, they exude so much impressive towering quality they must be held together by a skewer!

You know the Melt team takes the architecture of a burger seriously when toppings are referred to as “burger assets”. The large variety of add-on options make the restaurant a haven for the wondrous world of build-your-own, also perfect for those who always like tasting something new. Eggs, chili, avocado – try them all!

You’ve probably ordered sweet potato fries before – but have you ever had them with a side of marshmallow fluff? Melt makes sure that every order of sweet potato fries comes standard with marshmallow fluff for dipping. Once you try it, you will never be the same – you’ll find yourself asking every restaurant “where is the fluff?!”

Nineteen West Gourmet Burgers

Recently opened this year, Nineteen West is a new addition to the burger scene. Located next to the Tally Ho Theatre, the convenient location is the perfect pitstop before or after catching a show! With burgers ground daily and cooked to order, Nineteen West does gourmet the right way! Watch your burgers go from medium rare to barely there – with the melty cheese and warm potato bun, they don’t stand to last long on your plate!

When you are feeling saucy – look no further. With handcrafted delectable dips like Avocado Chimichurri, Wisconsin Beer Cheese and Lemon Garlic Aioli, you can really embellish upon the classic side of fries. The burgers are also just the right size that if you are really feeling a hankering, you could easily eat two in one sitting – just an excuse to try different sauces, right?!

Other fantastic burger joints in Loudoun include: