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Loudoun's Popular Varieties


A medium to full-bodied dry white wine with fruit characters of citrus,... more

Cabernet Franc

A medium bodied red wine known for its spiciness and herbal characters.... more

Cabernet Sauvignon

A medium to full-bodied, tannic, dry wine with complex flavors that emer... more


This French-American hybrid grape can give its wine a dark color but is... more


A medium to full-bodied dry wine with strong flavors in the front and a... more


A native Virginia grape that is dark in color and its fruity flavors may... more


Condrieu in the Northern Rhone Valley is the home of the Viognier grape.... more


The art of the winemaker is often shown in a blend of different grapes j... more

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If fine wine is an art form, then Loudoun County is a gallery of world-class proportions.  

No visit to Loudoun is complete without a visit to its wine country. Explore boutique wineries sprinkled throughout our bucolic countryside.  Learn about wine making from an area vintner. Enhance your palate with perfectly balanced varietals, surprising blends, and dessert wines.   Savor the aroma of years of wine making expertise -- all while admiring the breathtaking backdrop of vineyards set against beautiful rolling hills.

We have grouped Loudoun's thirty plus wineries and tasting rooms into five driving "clusters." Each drive is a unique experience in itself, along winding roads and up mountains, past horse farms and historic estates, and beside miles of stacked stone fences. We suggest you enhance your visit by spending the night and split each trip into two or more days. Explore the five clusters, their wineries and destination restaurants below.

Print or view our Touring Guide Quick Planning Chart featuring the most current list of wineries, hours of business, tasting fees, and more to take along on your next visit to DC's Wine Country.

Download the Touring Guide Planning Chart.


Touring Guide to DC's Wine Country

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