Things to do in Waterford


Walk with us

Pick up a copy of this booklet from the Corner Store in town and learn about the history of up to 100 extraordinary homes and buildings while walking the quiet streets.

Philips Farm

Hike this bucolic trail along Catoctin Creek past Janney’s Mill (1733) through a farm once slated for development but saved by the Waterford Foundation preservation movement.


No less than eight wineries appear in the Waterford Cluster with Terra Nebulo on a hilltop on the western outskirts, Wine Reserve at Waterford a mile further on, and Village Winery off Brown’s Lane closest to the town itself.

The Waterford Fair

Established in 1944 and taking place on the first weekend in October, this remarkable festival attracts several thousand visitors to its traditional craft displays (weavers, gunsmiths, farriers), Civil War reenactments, magic acts, music, art, artisans and behind-the-curtains tours of historic homes.

The Waterford Corner Store

Gardening, décor and design store selling vintage homeware, plants and produce sourced from local farmers and artisans.

Waterford Post Office

You can send a postcard from the oldest Virginia post office in continuous operation at the same site.