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Visit Loudoun @ Home | Request for Virtual Experience Videos

With Loudoun on COVID-19 lockdown, much of our tourism and hospitality industry has moved to virtual mode. Visit Loudoun is looking for videos from local business owners to help show millions of Americans at home all the things they can experience in Loudoun.

Own or work for a restaurant or catering company? Send us a clip of yourself making your favorite dish – and include the recipe. Bartenders or mixologists? Film yourself making your favorite seasonal Loudoun cocktail. Own a winery, brewery or farm? Show us “a day in the life,” – how you’re still working to bring great wine, beer and fresh local produce to our stores and tables. Artists, yoga instructors or employees of shuttered Loudoun attractions – give us a virtual tour of your gallery, studio, park, or museum.
After we receive your submissions, and with your permission, we will post them to our website to promote how viewers can Visit Loudoun @ Home. 

How to create a virtual experience Infographic

Below are a few recommendations to keep in mind when making your video: 

  • Start with a “Hello from Loudoun, Virginia, this is…” and end with “We can't wait for you to experience this for yourself when you visit Loudoun."
  • Cell phone video is perfectly fine!
  • Horizontal format is preferred but if you’ve already got an experience that was recorded in vertical format, we’ll take it.
  • Try shooting with outward facing video (not the one where you can see yourself) for higher res.
  • If you have a microphone attach it to your phone, but if you don’t just try to eliminate as much background noise as possible.
  • Smiling faces with bright lighting create a powerful connection and show positive emotions.
  • If you’re already doing a live digital experience send us a shot of yourself in front of your web-cam or computer/phone/iPad performing your demonstration (a true action shot if you will!)
  • Remember to get permission from anyone who appears in that video to be in it. Please provide a confirmation of this when sending in your submissions
  • Ideally, we’d love to have footage in the categories listed below: 
    • Mix (cocktails, wine tasting, beer tasting, etc)
    • Taste (preparing food in the kitchen, packaging food, prepping food virtually)
    • Craft (Handmade projects)
    • Move (equestrian, fitness, yoga, ballet, active pursuits)
    • Play (live music, games and entertainment)
    • Read (expand mind, good books…think story time)
    • Shop (online shopping, local pickups)
    • Connect (virtual visits/happy hours)

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