Tourism in Our Community

As a Loudoun County resident, you live in: 
•   A nation where travel is a basic freedom to be enjoyed at the spur of the moment or after weeks or months of planning. 
•   A wonderful place with an abundance of things to see and do. 
•   A region that is attractive to visitors who want to experience our rich culture, tour our mansions, farms, and heritage sites, sample our award wining wines, attend an event, or simply find a place to getaway.

Visitors help pay your taxes. In 2009 the economic impact of tourism on Loudoun County was $59 million. This means that every household in Loudoun County paid $602 less in taxes thanks to visitor spending here! (Source: Virginia Tourism Corporation)

Tourism: Significant to Loudoun's Economy, Businesses, and Residents 
Tourism is one of Loudoun’s major industries, employing more than 16,000 people in 2005. The county and its residents benefit in many ways from the expenditures by visitors who spend their time and money here but do not require schools and other public services:

•   It creates jobs 
•   It brings income to Loudoun’s economy 
•   It is a catalyst for preservation and economic development 
•   It provides a better quality of life 
•   It helps create civic pride

Loudoun's Tourism Industry 
•   Consists of a number of industries in Loudoun, including accommodations, historic attractions, shopping, dining, meeting/event facilities, and meeting/event services, and visitor services.
•   Ranges from small independently owned farms, restaurants, and retail shops, to small and medium sized businesses, to corporations, and not-for-profit organizations. 
•   Visit Loudoun works with the entire tourism industry to maximize the benefits of tourism for Loudoun residents and the local economy.