Towns & Villages

  • The Town of Leesburg, VA Loudoun
    Town of Leesburg
    Leesburg is the county seat of Loudoun and features both historic and modern...
  • The Town of Middleburg, VA Loudoun
    Town of Middleburg
    Middleburg, the nation's horse and hunt capital, is home to small boutiques,...
  • The Town of Purcellville, VA Loudoun
    Town of Purcellville
    Home to the W&OD trail, craft breweries, great restaurants, and Loudoun's only...
  • Waterford Homes Tour & Crafts Exhibit, Waterford, VA Loudoun (Waterford Fair)
    Village of Waterford
    This National Historic Landmark Village was founded by Quakers in 1757 and...
  • The Town of Lovettsville, VA Loudoun
    Town of Lovettsville
    Known as the German Settlement, the Town of Lovettsville is situated along the...
  • Bluemont Fair, Bluemont, VA, Loudoun
    Village of Bluemont
    Once a resort area and the W&OD Railroad's final destination, Bluemont is now...
  • The Town of Hamilton, VA Loudoun
    Town of Hamilton
    Originally called Harmony, the Town of Hamilton is surrounded by wineries and...
  • The Town of Round Hill, VA Loudoun
    Town of Round Hill
    Named for a hill top and used by the North and South for its views of the...
  • Lucketts Fair, Lucketts, VA, Loudoun
    Village of Lucketts
    Near the Potomac River is Lucketts, known for its antique shops, annual summer...
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Seven Towns. Eighteen Villages. One Loudoun County.
Any proper wine collection comes with a variety of tastes. And Loudoun County is no different. The historic grounds of Middleburg, the rolling countryside of Lovettsville, the streetscapes of Leesburg – it’s all just part of Loudoun County’s collection of seven towns and eighteen villages. Explore how each town’s charm adds to the unforgettable experience that is DC's Wine Country.