Beer Releases

We know that you are excited as we are about getting to taste all of the new LoCo Ale Trail brews at this year's LoCo Brewfest! Check out all of the brews you will taste (new beer releases are marked with *) and get your tickets here:

Adroit Theory Brewing Company

  • LoCo Milk Stout*

    • Catoctin Creek Distilling Company whiskey barrel aged milk stout

  • BAYS - Imperial Stout

    • Hiding behind the toasted tones lurk intriguing wisps of complex flavors: aged woods, fresh fruits, earthy nuts. This malty exploration of the soul leaves you wondering: was the darkness in the bottle, or was it in me all along? (ABV 10%/IBU 94)

  • Tenebris

    • Rum raisin barleywine (ABV 10%/IBU 40)

Barnhouse Brewery

  • Hefe Weizen*

    • Our signature summer beer is a classic German Hefeweizen (wheat) beer with signature banana esters and close flavors created by authentic German Hefeweizen yeast (ABV 4.7%)

  • Dogwood IPA

    • West Coast style IPA with moderate malt presence to balance out the bounty of hops. Columbus hops to start and then "continuously hop" with Cascade, Simcoe and Columbus hopes. Finished with El Dorada and dry hopped with Cascade and Centennial (ABV 7%/IBU 58)

  • Kilts Up Scottish Ale

    • Stong malty backbone, slightly sweet and complemented with English hops that provide a more early flavor vice the citrus American hops. We vigorously boil to promote kettle carmelization and ferment on the cool side (ABV 4.7%/IBU 18)

Belly Love Brewing Company

  • Unitard-462

    • 4th in the series of single hopped IPA's featuring experiential hop HBC-462 with notes of melon, citrus and mint (ABV 6.8%/IBU 63)

Beltway Brewing Company

  • Hansel Sour IPA

    • It's not just an IPA. It's not just a Sour. We hear words like "hoppy" and "handsomeness" and "incredibly chiseled features." To balance the tartness we feature an array of hops including Falconer's Flight, Huell Melon, and yes, even Magnum made an appearance (ABV 7%)

Black Hoof Brewing Company

  • The Maibock

    • Spring Bock lager that is served after the dark beer season of Bavaria, when its too chilly to sit in the beer garden but to bright to be indoors (ABV 6.2%/IBU 25)

  • The Munich Helles

    • Light German lager that you would find in any Bavarian Beerhall or Beer Garden. This beer will make you yodel in your Lederhosen (ABV 4.9%/IBU 18)

Corcoran Brewing Company

  • Chocolate Stout

    • Robust stout with creme de cacao giving a strong chocolate flavor (ABV 7.35%)

Crooked Run Brewing

  • Katana*

    • Juicy double IPA with cherries and Citra Hops

  • Carrera Torcida

    • Light, copper-colored lager with a nice crisp maltiness (ABV 5%)

Dirt Farm Brewing

  • Tart 31 - Cherry Ale

    • Fruit forward brew is packed with farm fresh Montmorency Cherries picked from their own local farm. We call it a sour's 1st cousin (ABV 6.3%/ IBU 17)

  • Coffee IPA

    • Smooth with a complex grain bill and full of Brew LoCo beans! Lactose added for a hint of sweetness, this beer is balanced and complete (ABV 7.2%/IBU 50)

Dog Money Restaurant & Brewery

  • Dog Money Hefeweizen

    • Refreshing traditional Bavarian-style wheat beer. This summer favorite is brewed with imported German pilsner and wheat malts and fermented with the special hefeweizen yeast that magically imparts nuances of clove and banana (ABV 4.9%/IBU 60)

  • Shiny Happy Pilsner

    • Extra-strong pilsner retaining a light color and crisp lager character. Generously hopped with Czexh Saz hops, balancing copiuos amounts of German pilsner malt. This beer could be classified an "uber-pils" or "spring bock", but we think it's just happy (ABV 7.6%/IBU 60)

Jack's Run Brewing Company

  • Jack's Irish Red*

    • Malt-forward red ale modeled after the traditional Irish Red, this balanced brew fetaures bakery notes against a backdrop of caramel and toffee and accenturated with Warrior, Fuggle and Saaz hops. It's like finding a pot of gold at the bottom of every glass.

  • Jack's Magic IPA

    • Modestly bitter Indian Pale Ale that offers a well balanced malt profile enhanced by a hop selection that imparts notes of stone fruit and citrus

Loudoun Brewing Company

  • Polarisation

    • Hoppy and dry hopped with Polaris makes for a well balanced malty and bitter IPA
  • Completely Nuts

    • Brown ale dry hopped with 4lbs of mixed nuts per barrel

Lost Rhino Brewing Company

  • Double Bogey - Blonde Ale*

    • An easy drinking smooth and refreshing light golden ale with a slight malt sweetness balanced by a blend of citrus flavored hops with a fruity, citrus hop aroma (ABV 5.3%/IBU 20)

  • Final Glide Hefeweizen

    • Our naturally cloudy Hefeweizen glides along the lines of being both crisp and sweet. The refreshing wheat beer is a perfect ending to those long days in the sun (ABV 5.4%/IBU 4)

Ocelot Brewing Company

  • Grunge Legdrop IPA

    • ABV 7%
  • Royal Rumble Pale Ale

    • ABV 6.2%

Old 690 Brewing Company

  • Strawberry Blonde

    • Brewed with simple malt bill and Cascade Hops this strawberry blonde flavor really shines with a low ABV

Old Ox Brewery

  • Blood Orange Gose*

    • From our Funky Face Collection, our tart and salty Blood Orange Gose packs a citrusy punch that will have you coming back for more (ABV 4.5%/IBU 5)

  • Hardway Summer Lager

    • Classic golden lager is a bright, crisp and clean summer quencher (ABV 5.5%/IBU 25)

Quattro Goomba's Brewery

  • Precedent Pale Ale*

Solace Brewing Company

  • Patiently Waiting IPL*

    • This beer is a collaboration brewed with Ocelot Brewing. It is dry hoped with Hallertau Blanc and Nelson Sauvin hops (ABV 6.7%/IBU 40)

Vanish Brewery

  • Sour IPA*

  • Wraith-Witbier

    • ABV 5.2%