Dulles Trail


Dulles Trail

The Dulles Trail features some of Loudoun’s most well-known breweries, highlighted by the oldest brewery still operating, Lost Rhino. The Dulles Trail is easily accessible, located along several prominent roadways and conveniently located near Dulles International Airport. Along the trail you’ll find access to a wealth of dining and entertainment options that will provide for an adventure-filled Loudoun experience.

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Stop 1:

Beltway Brewing Company is a unique LoCo Ale Trail stop as they are a contract brewery. Beltway predominantly brews beers for other companies, with partners ranging from Brooklyn, NY to the Florida Keys. A tasting room favorite is the 1776 American Brown Ale, which was aged for more than 6 weeks in 1776 Rye Whiskey barrels, with a recipe developed by the brewing team at Beltway.

People tasting beer at Old Ox Brewery
Old Ox Brewery

Stop 2:

Old Ox Brewery stays true to LoCo’s beer roots thanks to head brewer, Kenny Allen, who was the former Brew Master for Old Dominion Brewing Company. The brewery offers a spacious tasting room where you’ll often find a spirited game of cornhole going on by the back tanks. One-Off Wednesdays are always a popular time to test the week’s limited edition release. If you prefer to stick with a proven commodity, enjoy the always popular Golden Ox or Alpha Ox.


Stop 3:

Lost Rhino Brewing Company gets its name from the surfing term rhino chaser, an adventurer who is always searching for the biggest waves. The brewers at Lost Rhino certainly deliver some of the biggest flavors in LoCo, consistently delivering creative craft beers. The Face Plant IPA is always a crowd favorite, but if you are feeling adventurous test out the Bone Dusters Paleo Ale, which is brewed with a wild yeast strain dusted off a 35-millionyearold whale fossil.

Brew tap handles at Ocelot Brewing Company
Ocelot Brewing

Stop 4:

Ocelot Brewing Company’s founders are passionate about two things, beer and music. They aim to create and dedicate beers to the music that has inspired their journey through life. Ocelot focuses on producing a variety of small batches because as they like to say “we brew beer we want to drink, when we want to drink it.” All of Ocelot’s beer names come from song lyrics, so expect to tell some Soft Lies (IPA) to a Fading Beauty(Imperial IPA) until the Lemon Yellow Sun (Imperial Hoppy Wheat Ale) drops out of sight.