Ale Trail Itineraries

There are many ways to explore the beer scene in Loudoun along the LoCo Ale Trail. Whether you want a tour of the farm breweries out west, or prefer the abundant modern amenities to the east, you have many options. If you would prefer to work off the calories before drinking them in, hop on your bike and explore the string of breweries that lie along the Washington & Old Dominion Trail. Below are just a few options, but feel free to create your own brewery adventure in LoCo.

Dulles Trail

The Dulles Trail features some of Loudoun’s most well-known breweries, highlighted by the oldest brewery still operating, Lost Rhino. The Dulles Trail is easily accessible, located along several prominent roadways and conveniently located near Dulles International Airport. Along the trail you’ll find access to a wealth of dining and entertainment options that will provide for an adventure-filled Loudoun experience.

Mosby Trail

The Confederate Army legend John Mosby once roamed this region, leading a cavalry unit on daring raids, and earning the nickname “The Grey Ghost”. While you may not be travelling on horseback, you are sure to spot many on this brewery adventure through Loudoun’s horse country. As you head west, residential communities make way for rolling pastures, and the Blue Ridge Mountains will grow in the horizon. 

Monroe Trail

The James Monroe Highway (Rt. 15) acts as Loudoun’s spine and a trip down the Monroe Trail will offer an array of unique brewery experiences. You’ll experience the best Loudoun has to offer on this trail, seamlessly passing between sprawling horse country, the heart of a vibrant downtown, and finishing on the farms that hug the banks of the Potomac. 

Blue Ridge Trail

The Blue Ridge Trail winds through the town of Purcellville, located in the shadows of Virginia’s iconic mountain range. The trail offers an excellent assortment of breweries and tasting rooms that will certainly have something for everyone in your party. On the Blue Ridge Trail you’ll mix small town hospitality with country road charm for a satisfying brewery experience.

Brews by Bike Trail

LoCo is fortunate enough to have multiple ways to navigate around the Ale Trail. For the more active beer drinkers, a great way to explore the county and the breweries is by way of the Washington & Old Dominion bike trail that connects Loudoun to Washington DC. It is not uncommon for tasting rooms to be filled with bikers grabbing a refreshing pint at their scheduled Loudoun turnaround point during a weekend ride. The W&OD winds through some of the best and most distinct breweries on the Trail, and offers a unique perspective that all can enjoy. 

Farm Breweries Trail

The agricultural side of beer production is an integral part to the story of Loudoun’s breweries. The Farm Breweries itinerary guides you along the Loudoun beer industry’s agricultural center through scenic tasting rooms where the ingredients are grown onsite. Virginia is home to compatible climate, soil and landscape that make it ideal for growing hops, and these breweries allow you to fully enjoy the farm to growler experience.