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Site of Pickett’s Public House
  • Leesburg, VA 20175
Pickett’s Public House was a hotel just north of the courthouse on N. King Street in Leesburg, and a popular watering hole for Confederate Col. John Singleton Mosby’s Rangers. On April 29, 1864, Union Col. Charles Russell Lowell and the 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry with auxiliary infantry, arrived into town from Vienna in search of raiders and rebels. The Federal cavalry saw all the horses tied outside Pickett’s Public House, just as Mosby’s men realized who had just come into town. The Confederates executed their renowned "skedaddle," as they scattered every which way in the face of superior forces. Some Rangers were wounded or captured, while others fought their way out in a blaze of gunfire. Mosby’s bad luck that day was indicative of the way things were beginning to fall for the Confederacy; less than a year later, the war would end. Pickett’s Public House is now part of the Loudoun County Courthouse Complex.