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Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club
Fundamentally, the game of golf is simple. Strike the ball towards a target; the closer you get, the higher the percentage you have of making the next shot. It sounds simple enough. Yet, if you have ever played the game, you know there are thousands of opinions in every shot and every phase of the game.

Today, a primary source many golfers turn to when they want to improve their knowledge of the game is the media. Unlike twenty years ago, sources like Facebook, YouTube, and websites are flooding golfers’ minds with content. Television is another popular source used for quick fixes but with content coming from TV personalities and not necessarily the most talented or knowledgeable expert. All these venues are informative but do not address you as an individual golfer and your very specific needs.

RGA recognizes three main challenges in golf: mental, physical, and the process. We can help you overcome your game challenges with a customized lesson plan that focuses on your personal needs. Our staff of over 20 golf professionals continuously study the game and have the knowledge to make you a better golfer. We have experts in personalized performance and application, not just theory and content. Our instructors have certifications in club fitting, 3D motion analysis, biomechanics, fitness, launch monitors, and program development. We sponsor, manage, and mentor professional players and coaches. We also help golfers who have never broken 100.
  • Business Hours: Year round weather permitting.