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PaellaDeliciosa is operated by Gloria Osorio. Gloria grew up watching paella being cooked at home most Sundays after mass. The unique family recipe used at PaellaDeliciosa comes from Gloria's great-grandmother. Gloria's grandmother has been using her mother’s recipe to serve quality paella since the 1920s. PaellaDeliciosa brings the experience and flavors of Valencia, Spain to your table in a variety of paellas. Paella cooking "makes" the party so PaellaDeliciosa cooks the paellas step by step at your location. The experience of the onlookers who share the moment makes for great entertainment for your guests. A paella party can be dressed-up for a wedding or corporate event, or casual. Either way, the outcome is dramatic when the paella is ready. PaellaDeliciosa also offers a variety of tapas and desserts.