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Historic Leesburg Paranormal Tours
Strolling through historic old town Leesburg on a cool foggy evening, one can almost hear the voices and cries of fallen soldiers of the Revolutionary War or the Civil War as well as other unfortunate souls suspended between life and whatever is calling from the other side. Or maybe you hear footsteps behind you, as you turn to see no one is there. A look towards a window of a dark store reveals a face with vacant eyes staring back. A second glance shows the face is gone. Was it really there? Goose bumps rise, your heart speeds, the hair on the back of your neck stands up as your eyes scan down one street, then the other, searching for whatever it is that is making you feel like you're only a moment away from some lost tormented soul revealing itself to you in a moment of heightened nervous awareness that screams of ecstatic horror. But don't worry, there's no danger. You're in safe hands. Your Historic Leesburg Paranormal Tour is just beginning!