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Hillsborough Farm Brewery
Craft Beer — Brewed with the finest ingredients around the globe

What’s the fun in a couple ordering a pint of locally brewed beer and a glass of wine produced on the land it is served, and then having to enjoy them separately in two different locations on the same property? Nothing! Well, now that the Virginia ABC has changed that law, we at Hillsborough are offering the collaboration of 2 brothers: one a Winemaker driven by the dedication to hand-crafted wines made from grapes grown on the property; the other a Brewmaster creating unique beers that refresh the soul and tantalize the taste buds… both served side-by-side out of our scenic tasting room overlooking the rolling foothills of the Shenandoah. Brew Master, Tolga Baki will produce 5 beers on tap to join the 12+ wines his brother, Winemaker Kerem Baki creates, making us one of the first family-owned, co-existing farm winery and farm brewery, served out of one tasting room overlooking grapes grown on our property.