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Exit Plan an Escape Room Adventure
EXIT PLAN is Loudoun County's first and only Escape Room Experience.

We are gamers, geeks, puzzle freaks, escape artists, and masters of deception!

We understand you, we want to beat you, we will beat you. EXIT PLAN draws its ideas from classic puzzles and ciphers as well as the latest in cutting edge military and government safeguarding techniques.

Escape rooms allow you to enter the mind of our puzzle masters. If you can, either individually or collectively think like they do, you can beat them.

Locked in with your team, you will have to work together and rely on everyone's strengths to break the most challenging problems that we could devise. The odds of going it alone are not in your favor.

You have one hour, a mere 60 minutes, to defeat our defenses and resolve the final problem that will lead you to the only way out.

EXIT PLAN...What's yours?