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Daisy Saulls Photography
I will never forget how excited I was when my dream-wedding photographer agreed to shoot my wedding! I was still shooting as a hobby, and only dreamed of the day that I could document cherished memories professionally. Our photographer Kalen, played such an import role on our big day. His professionalism and personality allowed my husband and I to be ourselves and focus on the moments that made our day special. I knew that if I were ever given the opportunity, I would do everything I could to create the same incredible experience for someone else. My interest in photography started when I was a teenager. But I really started entertaining ideas of turning it into a business while I was completing my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the College of William and Mary. I spent a semester studying abroad in Paris, and attended many photography and art expositions during my time there. When I returned, my mother surprised me with my first DSLR. I took a course, and learned as much as I could through tons of practice. I officially started my photography business after my best friend asked me to take her engagement photos. Since then, I have had the great honor of photographing beautiful families, special events, and incredible weddings. My clients have been featured in numerous websites, and this year, Bridal Guide Magazine selected one of my images as one of the best wedding photos of 2015! It’s been an unbelievable journey so far. But it’s the amazing families, and couples that trust me to document their memories that consistently humble me, and impact my life. It’s a dream come true!