Event Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting an event to Visit Loudoun’s website. We love when our calendar is full of local events for visitors to enjoy. We also now have a Community Calendar for events that are more locally and community focused. All events are reviewed by a Visit Loudoun staff member and you can expect an update within approximately 72 hours of submission. If you want your event to get approved quickly and attract more visitors, follow the guidelines and requirements listed below and then submit your event in the Extranet here:

Event Form Terminology

Start Time/End Time vs Times: Use the Start Time/End Time field boxes when you have one set of specific times for your event. If you have a multiple day event or an event that has multiple times, you can type out the time information in the Times field box

Featured: Only check yes for “Featured” if this is a featured event for ALL of Loudoun County. If you are unsure, check no and a Visit Loudoun staff member will change if it necessary

Rank: Only select ongoing event if the event occurs over multiple days

Website: Please do not use a Facebook event or Facebook page as the event website unless absolutely necessary

Categories: Please choose all appropriate categories for your event. NOTE: Visit Loudoun recently created the “Community” category. These events will only be added to the Loudoun Community/Neighborhood Calendar as decided by Visit Loudoun staff (5K walks/runs, K-12 performances, fundraisers/charities, etc.)

Host Organization Listing vs Host Organization Name: The Host Organization is the organization/business that is putting on the event. If the organization/business is already in Visit Loudoun’s system, begin typing the name in the Listing box and it should auto-populate. If they are not in Visit Loudoun’s system, type the name out in the Name box. If the Host Organization and the Venue Listing is the same, you just have to fill out Venue Listing

Web Publish: Choose yes if you want this event to show up on the website. (Everyone should click yes unless you want to save it as a draft and add more information when you get it)

Guidelines & Requirements

  • Events must take place within Loudoun County
  • All submitted events must be open to the general public
  • Events should be submitted 10 days prior to event start date
  • Event forms must be filled out in entirety to be considered
  • While an email is not required, please include one so that Visit Loudoun staff knows who to reach out to in case more information is needed
  • All submissions must include at least one photo, but you can add up to 3. Photos should be high resolution, 800x500 and horizontally oriented. In most cases, flyers will not be accepted unless they fit the criteria and have limited text
  • All submissions must include a detailed description with at least 3-4 sentences describing the experiences that attendees will have.
  • Inappropriate material, language or photos will not be approved
  • Visit Loudoun is not responsible for inaccurate information (time changes, rain dates, etc.)
  • Visit Loudoun reserves the right to edit event postings for grammar and clarity
  • Exceptions to these guidelines may be made at the discretion of the Visit Loudoun Staff
  • If you have any questions, contact Elizabeth Hart hart@visitloudoun.org or 703-669-2004