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Pride and Prejudice

Riverside’s Ballroom Dance of Romanticism!


LEESBURG, VA, November 1st, 2018- A quintessential tale of love and life awaits audiences of all ages this fall in Moon River Production’s adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice”. Teeming with wit, humor, and romance, glimpse into the Georgian era of English amiability on November 30th through December 2nd, as Jane Austen’s original vision of defying the societal norm is brought to life at Riverside Highschool.

For the Bennett sisters, marriage is an inevitable aspect of life. With their mother in hot pursuit for well-off suiters for her children, each is expected to be captivated by a young, dashing male, further advancing their livelihoods and social status in the process. Through the twists and turns of Mr. Darcy’s, a charming aristocrat, and Elizabeth’s, the youngest and brightest of the Bennett sisters, complex romance, a classic tale blossoms that continues to entice audiences, questioning the motivations of love and life that are ever-prominent in society.

Ever since Moon River’s genesis in 2015, its ultimate goal has been to provide students with a professional atmosphere in which they can focus on producing the highest level of high school theatre possible. Alongside technical elements such as immersive Georgian sets to regal-crafted gowns, Riverside High School’s production of Pride and Prejudice lends itself to Jane Austen’s original vision. Directed by Marilyn Gilligan, enter the ball-room of the Bennett’s and become enticed in this ever-present tale of romanticism, showcasing the importance of voice in societal class and expectation for all ages.

Friday, November 30th, 7:00pm

Saturday, December 1st, 7:00pm

Sunday, December 2nd, 3:00 pm (Matinee)

Riverside High School
19019 Upper Belmont Pl, Leesburg, VA 20176

How can I purchase my ticket?
Tickets will be on sale at, and can also be bought at the door. Reserved seating prices are $10 for adults, and $5 for students!

Pride and Prejudice
  • 19019 Upper Belmont Pl
  • Leesburg, VA 20176
  • to
  • Riverside High School
  • $10 for adults, $5 for students