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Planksgiving! Plank Stompers at B Chord Brewing

WEDNESDAY Before Thanksgiving!!! Make Your Stomp The P Stomp at B Chord Brewing, the night before Thanksgiving which we now call: Planksgiving!

Plank Stompers do not like to think of themselves as a group; but rather, as a movement. Before knowing Plank Stompers, you must first know the Preamble to the Stompstitution: “We, the Stompers of the United Planks, in order to form a more funky union, establish ruckus, insure intergalactic stank-quility, and provide listening pleasure to whoever we may encounter along the way, do hereby proclaim: If sound was butter, and the last 250 years were a biscuit, then Plank Stompers would be the hypothetical knife that smears, scrapes, and swirls all of the sounds from the past together. Pickaxes and pianos, war whoops and woodwinds, fiddles sawin’ and crows cawin’, bass drones and mobile phones, all getting pushed into a greasy noise anthology.”

This is not to say that their music is an unorganized, incoherent smattering, but rather, is untethered to the previous burdens of genre-specificity. What began as a coffee shop college town duo, doing tricks for tips, and trying to interpret the meaning of bluegrass, while occasionally pissing off cats that wasn’t hip to their experimental sounds, has turned into a vehicle for group improvisation and a melding of old time soul with futuristic funk. Plank Stompers are now embarking on a mission to engage both themselves and their audience in singing, dancing, clapping, and getting down with their bad selves.

Lace up yer stomping shoes.

Planksgiving! Plank Stompers at B Chord Brewing
  • 34266 Williams Gap Road
  • Round Hill, VA 20141
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  • B Chord Brewing Company