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In Concert: The Calidore Quartet

The Calidore quartet — violinists Jeffrey Myers and Ryan Meehan, violist Jeremy Berry, and cellist Estelle Choi — is among the finest chamber ensembles performing today, and is described by the New York Timesas having “deep reserves of virtuosity and irrepressible dramatic instinct.” Formed in 2010, it has won numerous international prizes, including the 2016 M-Prize International Chamber Music Competition, and performed in the most prestigious venues in North America, Europe and Asia. An amalgamation of “California” and “doré” (French for “golden”), the quartet’s name represents the diversity of the culture and the strong support it received from its home of origin, California, the “golden state.” The passion and joy of string quartet chamber music shine through in all its performances.

In Concert: The Calidore Quartet
  • 40222 Fairfax St.
  • Waterford, VA 20197
  • to
  • Waterford Old School
  • $35 Adults, $15 Students, FREE for Children under 13