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Dynamic Duo Series: Scott Fallon and Greg Park

September 27, 2018 8:00 pm

Scott Fallon and Gregg Park make up the interactive musical adventure known as Free Flowing Musical Experience (FFME). The two-piece ensemble brings the power and dynamic of a five piece act while capturing the diversity of their influences and expanding upon each song as an improvisational journey into what can be found on the other end. Rock, folk, country, blues, jazz, and original material is what makes up the Free Flowing Musical Experience catalog, but with an acoustijamadelic touch. Free Flowing musical experience continues to be one of the area’s busiest bands and most consistent draws. 

Dynamic Duo Series: Scott Fallon and Greg Park
  • 34266 Williams Gap Road
  • Round Hill, VA 20141
  • to
  • B Chord Brewing Company