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Beer Clusters

Breweries a Plenty!

Here in Loudoun, the craft beer scene has really taken root and the industry has truly become engrained in the community. Old Dominion Brewing Company kicked off the trend in 1989. Even though it has since merged and moved out of Loudoun, it helped pave the way for many more breweries to come along. In 2011, Lost Rhino opened in Ashburn and relaunched the momentum for craft breweries in Loudoun, followed by Beltway Brewing in 2013 and Old Ox Brewery in 2014.

Flash forward to today: the LoCo Ale Trail features 33 craft breweries and growing! No matter what your favorite style is, you will find the perfect brew to quench your thirst. Organized into Farm Breweries, Purcellville Gateway, Downtown Leesburg and the Dulles Corridor, visitors can choose to conquer the trail cluster by cluster or visit a brewery in each category to get the full experience. Access the full guide to the LoCo Ale Trail to help plan your stops and collect passport stamps along the way!

Farm Breweries

Explore the agricultural side of beer production while visiting breweries that embrace Loudoun’s rural roots. Located on farms and pastures, many of these breweries offer the chance to see firsthand where the beer’s ingredients are grown! – straight from farm to tap!

Dulles Corridor

In the heart of Loudoun’s technology and commercial corridor, discover breweries in an urban setting that are producing big batch varieties. Visit trendy tasting rooms and sample some of Loudoun’s most well-known brews!

Leesburg Downtown

Explore the breweries of Leesburg on foot, with six breweries in the downtown area, experience small-town shopping and dining while you try the many brews on tap in the historic district and beyond.

Purcellville Gateway

Purcellville is the gateway to Loudoun’s West and includes both rural and urban breweries. Enjoy industrial, small town or farm breweries all in the same vicinity and accessible at the end of the W&OD bike trail.

Don't forget to visit Loudoun's wine clusters! Our 40 wineries and tasting rooms are grouped into six wine clusters, each uniquely its own.