39 wineries, 7 breweries, an organic distillery, and 14 destination restaurants. Those are just some of the culinary experiences Loudoun has to offer.  With so many epicurean delights to choose from, where do you begin? Fortunately the 6th edition of the Touring Guide to DC's Wine Country is here to help! This comprehensive guide to Loudoun's thriving wine industry as well as it's craft brewery scene and farm-to-table cuisine is a "must have" for your next journey through Loudoun.

New features include the addition of a sixth winery cluster, designed to help you better navigate Loudoun's wineries.  The new Snicker's Gap Cluster includes wineries in and around Bluemont, Round Hill, and Purcellville. In addition to details on craft breweries and destination dining, the guide includes a list of 20 "Local Favorite" restaurants,  farm stands, wine shops, guided wine tours, and more - everything needed to guide you and your palate along a scenic, tasty, and historic journey of DC's Wine Country. Check it out today or request a copy from our Visitors Center to start planning your next trip to Loudoun. Happy touring!


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