hunters026One of my favorite places for a great meal and really great English-style pub atmosphere is the Hunter's Head Tavern in Upperville, just a few miles west of Middleburg on Route 50. You'll spot its signature red phone booth outside (the second one on Route 50 in Loudoun - know where the other one is?). Here, in this circa 1750 home, a warm fireplace warms you as you soak in a truly unique experience in the Virginia Piedmont. You can order such classic pub fare as Guinness Ayrshire Beef Stew (one of my faves), Bangers and Mash, or Fish and Chips. The best part is that the organic local farm meats and produce served here is harvested from neighboring Ayrshire Farm, which raises only Certified Humane Raised and Handled® animals. The beer is cold too and tops off the comfy tavern feel. And speaking of beer, come often enough and you'll find one of the tankards hanging in the bar will be your's and your's only. Each one you'll notice has a number on the bottom that will be assigned to you. Now, you'll notice there's not more thirty of these tankards so its one of the most exclusive clubs around. I forgot to ask how many visits you have to make to acquire said tankard but I'm sure its more than what I think. But once you have a dining experience here, though, you won't need excuses to plan a return trip. So, step up to the window, order your beef stew and a pint, and bring your wooden spoon (your order number is on it) to your table and take a load off as you wait for your meal. And just sit and covet those tankards. hunters009



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