Don't you just love wine with a story? It's been said that wine is an expression of philosophies - of the winemaker, of the vineyard manager, and of the winery owner, among others. Many hands go into the crafting of great wine. And they have to work together to achieve success. Whitie Hubert, the founder of Tarara Winery, knew this. I took this from the label from Tarara Winery's red table wine, the Long-Bomb, Edition Two 2008:

Our founder, Whitie Hubert, once told a story that years later depicted his character and the inspiration for creating Tarara. During his college years at Catholic University, he was a Hall of Fame wrestler who was never pinned until the State Championships. Whitie was a year-round athlete and played quarterback for the football team. His team was not noted for its victories but Whitie proclaimed football as the greater sport. He would rather be part of a team than a winner alone!

We're glad that Whitie carried this philosophy on at his winery. You and I can join the team and enjoy the fruit of Tarara's victories. Thanks Whitie!