Periodically, we’ll take one of our FAQs and answer here on the blog. When we take Loudoun “on the road” to travel shows and wine festivals, we usually are asked one question more than any other: Where is Loudoun? It’s a good question. Technically, Loudoun is a county and unless you’re in, say, Ireland, counties generally aren’t thought of as travel destinations. People know cities, they know towns, and they know states, but counties are tourism’s invisible places. But that’s what maps, and directions, (both written, and verbally administered with flailing arms) are for. And that’s what GPS is for, with a British or Australian accent (why no option for a Southern accent?).

Loudoun Regional MapBut seriously, it really is easy to get here. Simply come down I-95 and hang a right at D.C., or if coming from the south, obviously, hang a left. We’re also at the heart of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area that follows historic Route 15 from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Monticello, Jefferson’s home in Charlottesville.

We’re positioning Loudoun as DC’s Wine Country®. This helps you, our visitor, understand both WHAT we are and WHERE we are. Just 25 miles northwest of D.C. is our county line. That’s where you’ll find our international airport, Washington Dulles. For all of you that have flown into, out of, or through IAD, let me offer a belated: “Welcome to Loudoun!” And while a flight to Loudoun can get you here from 47 international destinations, arrival by car is still the preferred transportation method for most of our visitors. Either way, via a rental car, or in your own car, Loudoun is a road tripper’s dream, with lots of scenic byways and stunning views of horse and wine country.

So now that you know where we are, come for a visit. And when you tell your friends and family back home that you’ve been to DC’s Wine Country® and they ask, “Where?” you can reply with confidence: “Why, Loudoun County, Virginia, of course! Don’t you know where that is?!”

For more information on where Loudoun is, check out our website, or email to request our Loudoun Touring Map.

Got a question you’d like answered? Let us know and maybe we’ll post the response here on the blog.