August is Virginia Craft Beer Month! There's no better place to celebrate than the county with the most breweries in the state! With over 20 breweries and more on the way, the LoCo Ale Trail is filled with great breweries to enjoy from farm breweries to unique micro-brews and everything in between. The LoCo Ale Trail includes many different ways for you to enjoy Loudoun's craft beer. While you travel around Loudoun, make sure to check in your beers to Untappd and use #LoCoAleTrail

BikingBrews by Bike Trail

Loudoun is the lucky home to the Washington and Old Dominion Trail. The W&OD winds through some of the best and most distinct breweries of Loudoun. Hop on the bike, get some friends together and grab a refreshing pint on the way!

Dulles Trail

Get an inside look at the industrial breweries of the LoCo Ale Trail on the Dulles Trail. Check out the oldest brewery still operating in Loudoun and other great breweries along with an abundance of dining and entertainment options for an adventure-filled Loudoun experience.

Farm Breweries TrailDirt Farm Beer Landscape

An integral part of the beer making process is on the farm. Virginia is home to compatible climate, soil and landscape that make it ideal for growing hops, and the LoCo Ale Trail farm breweries allow you to fully enjoy the farm to growler experience.

Pints with Pups Trail

If dogs really are "Man's Best Friend", start acting like it and bring along your four-legged companion as your newest drinking buddy. Visit the many dog-friendly breweries along the LoCo Ale Trail to enjoy the day with your furry-friend!

Check out the many other itineraries along the LoCo Ale Trail and download the LoCo Ale Trail pocket guide to always have handy while enjoying great brews. Happy Virginia Craft Beer Month! Cheers!