It's no secret that Loudoun County is home to some of the East Coast’s finest vineyards and craft breweries. But, it’s not just our beverages that bring the crowds –– our county is also a foodie’s paradise! The bounty of fresh ingredients produced right here on Loudoun's farms makes our restaurant scene diverse, innovative, and (you guessed it), vegetarian-friendly! We welcome “Meatless Monday” newbies and lifetime vegans alike because Loudoun County brings the veggies –– and so much more. Whether you’re out on date night or in need of a quick bite, our restaurants supply some of Northern Virginia’s finest vegetarian dining options for any meal. So, who’s hungry? 


We Loudoun County dwellers could never skip the most important meal of the day! Swap your cereal bowl for an acai bowl and put your best foot forward with a heart-healthy, nutrient-packed breakfast at Greenheart Juice Shop! When you need a little superfood in your life, this place is like a vegan dream come true. One sip of the cold-pressed juices or handmade nut-milk beverages will have you feeling like the picture of health and singing the praises of going plant-based! Can you say, “activated charcoal”?

It would be a huge faux pas if we didn’t give a big shout out to the crepes at Petite Loulou. If you haven’t yet delighted in these French favorites, all we can say is...  “holy crepe,” you are missing out. They’re every bit of Parisian perfection, and you can even ask for vegan batter! Ooh, la, la.

And, you can’t go wrong with a sturdy bagel! With all the flavor choices at local favorite, Ashburn Bagel Shop, you’ll find it difficult to “carb” your enthusiasm and pick up just one. Go ahead and grab a cool dozen while you’re there.


Here in Loudoun, vegetarians will love the answers we have to that age-old question: “So, what are we getting for lunch?” Falafel is always a beloved go-to for those living the veggie lifestyle. Lucky for you, Andy’s is providing the pita in Leesburg and Lovettsville

And, whether you’re feeding the kids or you’re just a kid at heart, you’ll melt over the menu at Bites. The eatery serves up exciting twists on a childhood classic: grilled cheese. Where do we begin… With ingredients like Muenster, Gruyere, balsamic glaze, and truffle butter, the locally named “Oatlands” sandwich has to be one of our favorites.

 When teatime rolls around, we recommend that vegetarians drop by the Hunter’s Head Tavern for scones and finger sandwiches. These classic British snacks will have you feeling very fancy, indeed –– you may even feel a powerful urge to start speaking in a fake accent. (Suppress that urge.) Pro snacker tip: grab some traditional boiled peanuts on your way out for an afternoon protein boost! 


With all the vegetarian dishes found in Loudoun’s restaurants, you can always be the winner-winner of a meatless dinner! Generally speaking, Indian cuisine is kind of the vegetarian jackpot. If you want to go the all-natural route, we recommend Wild Harmony. Just glancing at the menu, you’ll see the robust selection of vegetarian and vegan options on deck.

Of course, we also go “loco” for Mexican food here in LoCo. Can we please take a minute to taco ‘bout the sautéed tofu tacos at Dog Money? Game changer. If ‘shrooms are more your style, take on that taco at Cocina, in addition to the mushroom-heavy roasted chili relleno. Yep, we really know how to rep south-of-the-border flavors here in Northern Virginia.

And, let’s be honest –– most of us in the veggie crowd would try anything that listed “almond butter” as an ingredient. You can find this liquid gold at Loudoun-landmark-turned-restaurant, Tuscarora Mill, in the beet & spinach raviolis and in the cauliflower-potato gratin. When you inevitably come back for more of Tuskie's, make sure to order the fried green tomatoes with burrata and the “Herbivorous” plate (because no self-respecting vegetable lover could possibly resist a dish with that name).


...and this is just a taste of what we have to offer. There are literally vegetarian options for days and days here in Loudoun! Our chefs and restaurateurs cater to imaginative vegetarian palates at every meal and certainly never skimp on flavor! Post your food pics with the hashtag #LoveLoudoun so we can see what you’re sampling and then get major order envy! Now, please, go veg out.