It’s no secret among my family and friends that I love veggies and anytime we go out to dinner, I immediately gravitate to the vegetarian dishes. While I’ve attempted to cook more vegetarian - even getting my younger brother once to enjoy a dinner of my stuffed eggplant sans meat –there is nothing better than a restaurant dish that features the freshest vegetables and ingredients right from a local farm.



the Wine Kitchen

In Loudoun, which prides itself on farm-to-table dining, you can find vegetarian options at many of our restaurants. Chefs are not just offering salads but culinary creations filled with ingredients from farms and what they have foraged. Below are just some of my favorite places to dine where vegetarian dishes shine.

The Wine Kitchen: Located in downtown Leesburg, the Wine Kitchen’s “from the farm” menu features a vegetarian sandwich and pasta. Some of my favorites I’ve had are the black garlic gnocchi or a portabella and goat brie panini, complete with caramelized onions and a garlic confit jam. If you need something to share before the meal, try the vegetable risotto or gooey mac and cheese.



Market Table Bistro

Grandale Restaurant: At Grandale, Chef Author creates a new vegetarian special weekly based on the seasonal local produce but also more regularly serves a mouthwatering roasted artichoke-featured above- with fava bean and lentil hummus, crispy enoki mushrooms and a green goddess dressing. Located next to 868 Estate Vineyards, make sure to pair one of their wines with your meal!

Market Table Bistro: Wanting to provide only the freshest ingredients, Market Table Bistro also presents an ever-changing menu while working with local growers and foragers. If you love breakfast, the quiche has a perfectly cooked crust that is filled with asparagus and mushrooms. For a rich and creamy dinner meal, try the mushroom risotto with truffle butter and Parmesan cheese.

JG Patomack Diners


The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm

The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm: At Patowmack, diners can choose from one of three distinct menus- raised, grown and found, with the latter focusing on foraging and the grown menu showcasing vegetables and other ingredients from the farm. While the menus do include meats, Chef Tarver King regularly caters the grown menu to vegetarians-all you have to do is ask!

Fire Works Pizza: Known for their wood-fired pizzas cooked in a 700-degree oven, Fire Works’ motto is to have everyone leave happy, “from the meat lovers to the tree huggers.” The restaurant’s vegetarian pizza combines every ingredient I love from eggplant and olives to grilled artichokes and of course, cheese. If you want something a little smaller, try the vegetarian calzone stuffed with the same fresh ingredients.

These are just some of the great items showcasing locally grown vegetables, but we encourage you to visit and find your own favorite veggie meal. When you do, share it with us using #Loveloudounveggies.