The inagural Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon will be held on June 4, 2011 in Loudoun, Virginia: DC's Wine Country. This video begins at Breaux Vineyards, then continues down scenic byways, around the historic town of Hillsboro, and finishes 13.1 miles later at Doukenie Winery. Sorry about the shakiness in the middle - about 1 mile of the course is on gravel. I recorded this last summer by securing my camera to my dashboard, then driving slowly from the start to finish. Look for the birds cued at :55, and the deer at 14:50 and 16:15. Its a beautiful course, and for you runners, I hope it helps you prepare a little bit, because once you get out there, you may find yourself a bit distracted by some of the views. For a map of the course, click here. For more information on the race, go to Cheers!