This photo is of the Appalachian Trail by Loudoun photographer Tom Lussier. I love Tom's work. There's so much emotion conveyed in it that it just makes me want to run out and stand in the spot he was when he took it.

Spring is just around the corner. There's so many wonderful things to see and experience outside in Loudoun. A good day hike is a great way to get out and enjoy our scenic destination. There's no better place to get outdoors and soak up some natural vibes than the Appalachian Trail. It snakes along Loudoun's western border, from near Harpers Ferry in the north, down to the Route 7 crossing near Bluemont, where it veers outside the county more into Clark County. According to the Appalachian Trail website, "In northern Virginia, the Appalachian Trail follows a long, low ridge, including a notoriously strenuous “roller-coaster” section south of Snickers Gap. It is less heavily traveled and is crossed by fewer roads than the Trail in Maryland. This is one of the best places on the A.T. for “spring break” hikes." They even have a handy Spring Break Hiking Guide on their site. So, grab your hiking boots and I'll see you on the AT!