Today, my family and I took a short drive up historic Route 15 to the northern part of Loudoun to the tiny village of Lucketts. Our destination: the Old Lucketts Store. This place is huge! Housed in a sage green painted home-turned-retail nirvana, the Old Lucketts Store is a place you'll want to spend some time. There is room-after-room of antiques, home furnishings, clocks, clothing, paintings and prints, furniture, and my son's favorite, skeleton keys! Head outside, to the porch, or the yard, and nearby outbuildings for lots of outdoor furniture, furnishings, and more. They call it "Vintage Hip," and its a perfect way to describe the scene and its treasures. I could keep going, but I thought I'd show you the things that caught my, or my son's, eye. Enjoy! Oh, and for more information, check out the store's website, Tell them Visit Loudoun sent you!

Look for the store on Route 15 at the traffic light in Lucketts.

Getting the elevated view.

I love this sign! Sets the perfect tone for your visit.

A nice way to remember a vendor who's passed away.

My son loves "old fashioned" things. He has a typewriter like this already, as well as a candlestick phone. He's an old soul for sure.

This is a circus band uniform. How cool is that?

Farmer's Finest? How Loudoun!

My son rooting through the skeleton keys. He found one, which we bought, of course.

Holding these old bundles of book pages was like going back in time.

Look up when you're walking around, or you'll miss something.

The sign behind this photo says, "Everything Will Be Alright." I believe it.

Some of the artwork for sale.

Old Glory. Historic and patriotic.

Knick-knack, bric-a-brac, buy the dog (pictured) a bone. :)

Its blurry, I know, but I so agree.

So much to see and explore.

Um, no comment.

The friendly staff made my son feel like their best customer.

Clocks were everywhere. It's like a Coldplay song.


Road trip anyone?

Dapper rabbits.

American Pickers would love this pile!

Vintage Hip.

I think this is my favorite item in the place. Cool photo. Wish I had a beach house to put this in.