Behold. Yes, today is my birthday and to celebrate, my family (which includes two boys ages 6 and 3) went to Ford's Fish Shack in Ashburn. I really like the Fish Tacos, but the real star of the night for me was dessert - the whole reason for going to Ford's - the banana pudding. If you'll notice, the perfectly ripe bananas lay around a small mound of creamy banana pudding. But, what really allows this dessert to cross over into nirvana-land is the caramelized vanilla wafer crumbles, the homemade whipped cream,  topped off by chocolate and caramel drizzles. Of course, the "Happy Birthday" and candle were special for my visit. As my kids declared, "this is crazy awesome!" Reviews can be found online that attest to the sheer heaven of the pudding, including a review by Michele R. on Yelp who declared, "...the banana pudding is sinfully delicious!" So true, sister. And I know one thing, every time I go to Ford's, it will be my birthday from now on. Yum!